Oxygen Bookkeeping

Registered BAS agent. Guaranteed fixed fee service for small Australian businesses.






Oxygen offers small businesses the time to breathe. No more late notices, no more fines, just concentrate on looking after your customers and we will look after you.


Since 2003 small business owners have been sleeping better knowing the BAS is covered and the cost for keeping their books is fixed. We can give you peace of mind whether you are operating out of your ute, a taxi, a courier or something else.


Client Reviews

Oxygen tells me how much money to put aside for my BAS. Oxygen submit my BAS to the tax office and answer any of my questions.

Now all I do is give quotes, deliver the service and collect money.
— RC Plumbing
Most business owners start up so they can be their own boss. They are great at what they do and all their customers recommend them to their friends.

Then comes the books. Late nights, lost invoices, lost receipts, late returns, fines and fights. This isn’t what they signed up for!

Why spend time doing something you hate and then send money to the tax man. It all seems so unfair. Its not your job to collect taxes for them is it?

Sadly yes it is your responsibility but it needn’t be a burden. Take a sigh of relief and hand it over to Oxygen. Their fees are 100% tax deductible and they start from only $39 per week.

You will wish you had found them years ago.
— Aquatics Down Under
Oxygen makes it all so simple. Once its set up I can relax knowing its being taken care of.
— Health Company (name witheld)